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Welcome to Kmail
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Welcome to Kmail
Your new domain grants you the power of Kmail - a private messaging platform that connects you with Influencers across multiple networks.

Find the Communities, Streams and Leaderboards that matter to you. Identify the Influencers you want to connect with. Start the conversation with Kmail.

The Kmail App is included out of the box with any domain registered via Domains.Best - Simply join Communities, Leaderboards and Streams to get started.
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Kmail brings together Influencers from different networks, helping you;

  1. Privately message another Member of a social Stream (eg NewYork.CEO)
  2. Approach the top Influencers from a Leaderboard (eg SocialMoms.Kred)
  3. Start the conversation with other members listed in a Community (eg CitizensforChange.NYC)

Do even more with your domain

The Domains.Best App Store links your new domain to innovative Social Apps.

Connect your web address to the tools you need.