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Welcome to your Leaderboard
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Welcome to your Leaderboard
Turn your new domain into your own gamified social Leaderboard. Use your Leaderboard to identify and engage the top Influencers on a specified topic or interest.

Your Leaderboard may be used to engage advocates for your brand (identifying top influencers talking about you, your products or even competitors - eg YourBrand.Social), running social competitions (measuring your most active connections - eg SocialMoms.Today), or creating a realtime engagement metric for your next event (scoring speakers and sessions based on social engagement - eg INBOUND.Kred).
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Leaderboards gamify and provide actionable insights into a Community of Influencers.

  1. Visit the top level Leaderboard to find the most active Influencers in your Community
  2. Create your own Leaderboards surrounding your own interest or cause to identify exactly which Influencers you should engage

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