Creating your own Social Network is easy

Welcome to your Stream
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Build a community of Members
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Control the Conversation
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Welcome to your Stream
Turn your new domain into your own Social Network with the Stream App. Engage a community of Members and control the conversation based on your chosen topic or interest.

Your Stream could be used for anything, like a hub for your special moments (eg JoshandErin.Wedding), a resource for your associates (eg net.NewYork.CEO) or even a live support network for those in need (eg MentalHealth.Support).
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Use your new Stream to;

  1. Build a Community around a shared interest or cause
  2. Share ideas with a vetted audience of Influencers
  3. Curate content from various social media platforms to create a high quality environment
  4. Engage with your audience on a more personal level
  5. Integrate and track engagement with your CRM

Do even more with your domain

The Domains.Best App Store links your new domain to innovative Social Apps.

Connect your web address to the tools you need.