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Team Corvette Club
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Identity Page
Your Club's About Page
Your .Club domain grants you power to bring your Club online.
Make connections and keep up to date with your community.
The .Club Top Level club is home to conversation from all registrants across multiple plattforms. Members are able to create their own more focused Online Club based on their interests.
[fa icon="plus-square"]More about your Club "About Page"

Use your new About Page to present;

  1. A curated bio, telling the world exactly what you want them to know about your Club

  2. Links directly to your Club Stream 

Connect with .Club Communities

No longer will your profile remain hidden in a network with a billion members.

Feature your Club Identity in your chosen interest and location based Communities, and be found by those looking to create meaningful business relationships. 
Can't find what you're looking for? Create your own Communities from the App Store.

Join the Conversation in the .Club Network

.Club membership grants you access to the .Club Network.

The .Club Top Level Network is home to conversation from all .Club registrants across multiple plattforms.

As a .Club owner, you will also be able to create your very own Online Club to interact with your members no matter where you are!


Visit the Top Level .Club Network



[fa icon="plus-square"]More about Online Clubs

Streams help you turn your audience into your own Social Network.

Use your Online Club to:

  1. Build a Community around a shared interest or cause
  2. Share ideas with a vetted audience of Influencers
  3. Curate content from various social media platforms to create a high quality environment
  4. Engage with your audience on a more personal level
  5. Integrate and track engagement with your CRM

Enjoy the benefits of .Club Membership

Register your .Club domain to bring your special day online.

[fa icon="globe"] Your own .Club Web Address
[fa icon="user"] Activate your included About Page or link your domain to an existing website
[fa icon="users"] Feature your page in the .Club Community 
[fa icon="comments"] Access to a global network of .Club Members
[fa icon="trophy"] Eligibility to rank in the .Club Influencer Leaderboard
[fa icon="envelope"] Use Kmail to exchange private messages with other .Club Members

A Community of powerful Members

Visit the .Club Member Leaderboard to identify .Club's Top Influencers.

When you purchase a .Club domain you become eligible to be featured on the .Club Kred Leaderboard, alongside other leading influencers in your space.

Find and engage with .Club's Top Influencers, who are talking about the brands, topics, people, or keywords that matter to you.




[fa icon="plus-square"]More about Leaderboards

Leaderboards gamify and provide actionable insights into a Community of Influencers.

  1. Visit the top level Leaderboard to find the most active Influencers in your Community
  2. Create your own Leaderboards surrounding your own interest or cause to identify exactly which Influencers you should engage

Do even more with your domain

The Domains.Best App Store links your new domain to innovative Social Apps.

Connect your web address to the tools you need.

[fa icon="lightbulb-o"] Tip: Link more apps to your new domain by creating subdomains in the App Store

For example, you may host a Onepager landing page on MyDomain.TLD but use Blog.MyDomain.TLD for your Wordpress Blog!

[fa icon="globe"] Your own .Club Web Address
[fa icon="comments"] Your online Club with About Page
[fa icon="shield"] Increase your Social Influence with Kred
[fa icon="comment"] Ability to contact other .Club Members with Kmail
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[fa icon="globe"] Your own .Club Web Address
[fa icon="comments"] Your online Club with About Page
[fa icon="shield"] Increase your Social Influence with Kred
[fa icon="comment"] Ability to contact other .Club Members with Kmail
[fa icon="comments"] Access to the Top Level .Club Network
[fa icon="users"] Access to .Club Communities 
[fa icon="share"] Promote selected content with our Members and readership
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Request Premium Membership
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[fa icon="plus-square"]What is a TLD?
TLD is short for Top Level Domain and refers to the last part of a web address, that is, the letters that come after the dot. .Com and .Net are common TLDs, however it is now possible to customize your domain further by adding meaning after the dot e.g. MyStore.Fashion or TheRoyal.Bar
[fa icon="plus-square"]I tried to purchase my domain but it says it is already taken. What do I do now?
If you have tried to purchase your name and it says it is unavailable then you cannot purchase that domain at this time. If this is the case, try getting creative with your name! Add in the first letter of your middle name or try a favourite nickname. There are endless possibilities.
[fa icon="plus-square"]What is the Domain App Store?
The App Store is the place to find all the new assets that you have access to after purchasing your new Domain i.e. Streams, Leaderboards, Communities, Kmail etc.
[fa icon="plus-square"]What is an Identity Page?
Your Identity page is the very core of your online presence. It can feature your Kred Score, a curated bio and links to your connected social profiles and websites. Find out more on the Identity App Page
[fa icon="plus-square"]What is a Community Page?
Depending on your chosen domain, your Community may represent a group of people (eg NewYork.CEO), a directory of businesses (eg Bars.NYC) or even a support network (eg Earthquake.Support). Find out more about Community Pages on the Community App Page
[fa icon="plus-square"]How can I have my Identity Page featured on a Community Page?
Visit the Community Page you would like to be featured on and request to join. Your request will be validated by the Community Administrator and, if successful, your page will be added!
[fa icon="plus-square"]What is a Stream?
The Stream App enables you to create an environment where you can interact with others. You are able to bring in content from current social media sources such as Twitter to help progress and shape the conversation. Whether you are having a conversation between friends, or between a large customer base, you control who can interact with in your Stream. Find out more about Streams on the Stream App Page
[fa icon="plus-square"]What is a Leaderboard?
A Leaderboard ranks the Social Influencers that are members of a Community. Leaderboards use Kred Scores to measure a member’s social Influence and Outreach and ranks them accordingly. By purchasing your domain you gain access to your TLD's Leaderboard and become eligible to be featured on it, along with other Top Social Influencers. You can also create your own Leaderboard using specific Twitter @names or a chosen hashtag. Find out more about Leaderboards on the Leaderboard App Page
[fa icon="plus-square"]What is Kmail?
Your new domain grants you the power of Kmail - a private messaging platform that connects you with Influencers across multiple networks. Find the Communities, Streams and Leaderboards that matter to you. Identify the Influencers you want to connect with. Start the conversation with Kmail. Find out more about Kmail on the Kmail App Page

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