What do people see when they look for you online?

Welcome to your Identity Page
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Welcome to your Identity Page
Your domain includes an exclusive Identity Page. It is the single page, where your customers, associates and peers will find everything you want them to know.

Depending on your chosen TLD, your Identity Page may represent you (eg .CEO, .Accountant or .Doctor), your business (eg .Bar, .Hotel or .Plumbing) or even a cause (eg .Charity, .Education or .Support).

If you don’t have time to set up your page, VIP Support can personally create your page for you.
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Use your new Identity Page to present;

  1. A curated bio, telling the world exactly what you want them to know about you
  2. Your social profiles and feeds from across the web
  3. Links to your personal or business website and blog
  4. Endorsements from your peers
  5. Links to your photos and videos
  6. A full screen video, set to play automatically or by clicking play
  7. A closed channel for your peers to contact you

Membership Benefits

Secure your new domain from Domains.Best to access the Membership Benefits of your TLD.

[fa icon="globe"] Your new Web Address
[fa icon="user"] Activate your included ID Page or link your domain to an existing website
[fa icon="users"] Feature your page in your TLD's Community 
[fa icon="comments"] Access to a global network of Members
[fa icon="trophy"] Eligibility to rank in your TLD's Influencer Leaderboard
[fa icon="envelope"] Use Kmail to exchange private messages with other Members